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Full, In-Office Consultations

A full, in-office consultation experience gives you the opportunity to have LASIK screening measurements done, and meet with a surgical counselor who can discuss your candidacy. With LASIK screening measurements, our counselor can talk with you about which procedure you are a candidate for, and the expectations that correspond to that procedure with regard to healing and vision.

For your convenience, we have two different locations for you to choose from; Brecksville, and Avon Pointe.

(In-office consultations usually last about 45 minutes)

Virtual, Online Consultations

A virtual online consultation will give you the opportunity to meet with a vision counselor online. That counselor will be able to answer questions for you, and explain the various treatments to you. The counselor will not be able to discuss your individual candidacy. But, he or she will invite you to come in for a full, in -office consultation at your convenience at one of our two locations.

(Virtual consultations usually last 30 minutes or less)

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