Avon Pointe

LASIK & Surgical Eye Center in Avon Pointe

The Avon Pointe location of ClearChoice LASIK can be found in the same building as our other sister companies, The Cleveland Eye Clinic, and The Avon Surgery Center. The Avon Pointe office offers convenience to patients who live and/or work on the west side.

Avon Pointe Ophthalmology Center

36991 American Way
Avon, Ohio 44011


Monday 8AM–10:30PM
Tuesday 8AM–10:30PM
Wednesday 8AM–10:30PM
Thursday 8AM–10:30PM
Friday 8AM–8PM
Saturday 8AM–6:30PM
Sunday 10AM–6:30PM


Avon Pointe Eye Correction Clinic

The services available to patients at our Avon Pointe Clear Choice LASIK Center are LASIK consultations, pre-operative exams, and post-operative exams. So, if you are interested in knowing if you could benefit from laser eye surgery, we are able to screen you on the west side for your convenience. The actual LASIK procedures are performed in Brecksville. If the west side offers convenience to a patient who has had LASIK, post-operative exams during healing are available at our Avon Pointe center as well.

Call us to schedule a free consultation at 440-740-0400. You can also schedule online at our Brecksville location: Schedule Online Now

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