ICL Surgery & Visian ICL in Cleveland

Visian ICL LogoHave you been told that you are not a candidate for LASIK eye surgery because your prescription is too high? Clear Choice Custom LASIK Center now offers a solution for patients that suffer from high myopia or high levels of nearsightedness or astigmatism. The ClearChoice doctors were the first in the state of Ohio to perform the Toric ICL procedure for astigmatism.

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The Visian ICL™ is a revolutionary refractive lens that can correct or reduce up to -20 diopters of nearsightedness and -4 diopters of astigmatism. The Visian ICL procedure has been repeatedly improved through years of rigorous studies and continued refinement. This lens is a posterior chamber implant that is situated behind the iris and in front of the natural crystalline lens. It is also known as a Phakic IOL. The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, which means that a patient has surgery and leaves the same day.

The Visian ICL™ is made with Swiss precision from Collamer. Collamer, a collagen copolymer is a proprietary biocompatible material formed from pure collagen and a hydrophilic copolymer with a UV absorbent chromophore. This material has been used to treat the eye for over 20 years now and is considered very safe.

What do patients say about Visian ICL?

“My eye doctor told me I had a bionic right eye because I was already seeing better than 20/20 the day after the procedure.”
AJ Cook 

“I was eligible for both LASIK and the ICLs, but I do have thin corneas, so…I chose the ICL because its adding something to my eye and not reshaping my cornea.”
Elysha Boyd

“The lenses are removable, if something changes in my eyes or in my life…the doctor can go back in, fish them out, and put a new pair in.”
Alan Abrahamson 

What Happens During Visian ICL™ Surgery

Prior to the surgery a surgeon will make two microscopic holes in the iris. Your eye will be numbed with a light, topical or local anesthetic. Once the eye is numbed the surgeon will make 2 side port incisions and one main temporal incision that is critical to the insertion process. Next the surgeon will insert the ICL through the main temporal incision and place the lens behind the iris and in front of the crystalline lens. This insertion procedure is typically performed one eye at a time. There is very little discomfort and normally no pain associated with the procedure. Some drops or perhaps oral medication may be prescribed and a visit is usually scheduled the day after surgery. Patients will be advised to arrange for someone to drive them to and from surgery.

Your solution for Implantable Contact Lenses in Cleveland Ohio. Call us today for a FREE patient consultation to determine if The Visian ICL™ is right for you. If you have been told by an eye doctor in Cleveland that you are NOT a candidate for LASIK eye surgery then the Visian ICL also known as the Implantable Collamer Lens could be the best vision correction alternative. You can rest assured that the doctors at the Cleveland LASIK eye surgery center (ClearChoice) will provide you only with the best options for correcting your vision. Whether this is LASIK, laser vision correction, PRK, the Visian ICL, or even the Crystalens we simply provide the most robust vision correction option in Ohio. Call us today! Your source for Visian ICL in Cleveland.

Why is the Visian ICL a good vision correction option?

  • Significant vision improvement
  • 99% patient satisfaction
  • Over 1 million procedures performed worldwide
  • Quick results
  • Can be removed if needed
  • Offers UV protection
  • Undetectable once in place
  • Can treat astigmatism and myopia
  • Maybe an option for patients who are not candidates for other vision correction procedures
  • Does not cause dry eye syndrome, which can be a side effect of other vision correction procedures
  • Provides excellent night vision

Are you a good candidate for the Visian ICL?

If you are between the ages of 21 and 45 and moderately nearsighted, you are most likely a good candidate for the Visian ICL. The Visian ICL is able to treat patients with thin corneas, dry eyes and patients with low and extreme high refractive errors. In fact, if you have thin corneas or dry eyes, ask your doctor if the Visian ICL may be the best vision correction option for you. The LASIK surgeons at ClearChoice are happy to advise you on the vision correction option that will provide you with the best outcome.

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