Vision Correction Surgery & Treatments in Cleveland, OH

Clear Choice Custom LASIK Center is an ophthalmic vision correction center in the greater Cleveland area dedicated to providing excellent visual results for our patients. A lifetime of clear natural vision is possible when you make the right choice in provider. Cleveland residents trust us because we work with them to determine the right treatment that enables our patients to live glasses-free!

We Offer Several Types of Vision Correction Surgery in Cleveland, OH

We also offer Aesthetic Services:

Laser Eye Surgery May Be the Solution for Your Condition

Do you suffer from poor vision caused by keratoconus or a refractive error such as farsightedness, nearsightedness, or astigmatism? Were you told by your eye doctor or another facility that they could not treat your condition? 

Other practices may turn you down, but we offer alternative and customized solutions. Schedule your free consultation to learn more.


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Our Process

How Long Does It Take?

Most vision correction surgery is done quickly—but the exact time will depend on your eye treatment. LASIK patients can expect their surgery to take about 15 minutes or less for both eyes. 

Recovery Time

Like surgery duration, your recovery time will depend on the type of procedure you have done. Regardless of the surgery you choose, we’ll do everything possible to ensure your comfort before and afterward. 


Once your procedure is finished, our priority becomes ensuring you experience the best result possible Through a post-op check-up. You will be prescribed a series of prescription eye drops and artificial tears to promote healthy healing.

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How Do I Know If I Qualify?

The first step to knowing if you qualify for vision correction is to schedule a free consultation.  The consultation takes about an hour, and you’ll have all of your questions answered during the consultation. Once your condition has been confirmed, you should schedule a free consultation to speak with our highly-trained doctors. We’ll be able to determine which treatment is best for you. 

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How Much Does Vision Correction Surgery Cost? 

When it comes to your vision, the last thing you want to think about is the cost. Your vision is too important to put off much-needed correction. Let’s find a way to get you whatever surgery you need. Explore all your financing options, including insurance discounts, here.

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Be Your Best by Looking Your Best 

Check out our Aesthetic Services such as Botox®, fillers, and skincare products. 

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We’re the home to some of the best and most experienced ophthalmologists in Ohio. See why patients from all across Cleveland have chosen us. Book your free screening today. 

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