Our Staff

Jacki – Director of Laser Vision Coordination

Jacki - Director of Laser Vision Coordination
Jacki is a surgery counselor for a variety of procedures at Clear Choice. Patients meet with a counselor during the initial complementary consultation. During that meeting the counselor will discuss your surgical options and address any questions you have. At Clear Choice, the counselor’s priority is making sure you have a first-class experience from the moment you enter the center! Jacki spends time with her family and shops during her spare time.


Brian – The Laser Boss

Brian - The Laser Boss
Brian trained as an Ophthalmic Technician in the US Army. He has 34 years of experience, and has assisted in more than 80,000 surgeries. Brian has travelled to China and the Dominican Republic to train doctors and nurses in modern techniques of surgery. He and his girl, Michelle are two of the biggest foodies you’ll ever meet. They are the parents of two adorable pugs- Ruby and Frankie.


Dawn – Leader of the Dream Team

Dawn- Leader of the Dream Team
Dawn has been in ophthalmology for more than 30 years. She has a husband and two darling children. Dawn enjoys volunteer work. She volunteers for the Humane Society, and has a love for animals. She also volunteers her time to ophthalmology mission trips. Her most recent one was to Burma Thailand.


Renato – LASIK and Cataract Counselor, and Bocce Champion

Renato- LASIK and Cataract Counselor, and Bocce Champion
Renato started as a LASIK patient, and now he counsels surgery patients about what to expect and about the newest technology. Renato works a lot. But when he isn’t, he spends time with his grandchildren. He also enjoys teaching others Italian and playing bocce.



CarolynCarolyn is our Registered Nurse, and she is a Certified Ophthalmic Assistant. Not only does Carolyn work with LASIK patients during their pre-operative and post-operative appointments, she works in the LASIK surgery room on surgery days. She is second to none in putting patients at ease who are nervous about surgery. She also works in the operating room with our surgeons during cataract surgery. Don’t be surprised if she refers to you as her “little love nugget”. Carolyn spends her free time with her family and her son.


Charity is a technician. She helps patients to prepare for surgery, and she assists the doctor in checking the eyes of patients who have had surgery. Charity came to ClearChoice with years of experience in LASIK, and an extensive background in long-term care nursing. On a busy day, Charity is the calm in a storm.



DominicDominic is a technician. Dominic works with patients who are preparing for surgery, and he helps the doctor with patients who have had surgery. Dominic also works in the Research and Innovation Department of ClearChoice. In his spare time, he strums his guitar, and spends time with his wife and daughter.



PatrickPatrick is one of our Directors of First Impressions. He helps patients with questions, appointment scheduling, and payment. Patrick had his LASIK at ClearChoice, so he knew he’d be the right guy for the job. He is a lifelong Browns fan. Patrick spends his free time with his wife and two sons, and his fellow crossfitters.



TimTim wears quite a few hats at ClearChoice. He is a Director of First Impressions and a LASIK Counselor for our Brecksville, Downtown, and Toledo office. If there is one person who will bend over backwards to make a patient happy, it Is Tim. Tim spends the little down time he has gardening and taking care of his chickens.



KathyKathy was a LASIK patient when we met her. Now she helps patients on surgery day with the preparation of their eyes and with explaining the post op instructions. Kathy also spends time with the patient’s friends or family who are with them on surgery day. She makes sure that they know what is happening in the surgery suite, and she explains what to expect after surgery, so that they can be most attentive to the patient.



RonRon had LASIK at ClearChoice when we first opened. More recently, he had PRK and KAMRA for reading vision. Ron is our Event Coordinator, and he is our Patient Liaison who responds to many of the calls and emails from patients. In his spare time, Ron is a basketball ref, a bourbon connoisseur, and a polka dancer.

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