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How Long Does LASIK Last?

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You’re probably wondering how long the results of LASIK eye surgery last. Like most things, the length that results stay is a determining factor in evaluating the value. The good news is that in an overwhelming majority of patients, the results of LASIK last years, even decades, before any negative issues occur.

Because LASIK is a treatment of your current vision prescription, there is a chance that over time, your eyes will develop changes naturally. These changes can usually be fixed with a LASIK enhancement procedure, or by wearing glasses with a light prescription.

The other things that could happen is the development of presbyopia, which occurs in middle-aged people and makes it difficult to focus on close objects. Most people, with or without LASIK, will experience presbyopia. With LASIK, most people with presbyopia only need temporary reading glasses as their eyes change. In contrast, without LASIK, individuals tend to need strong prescription multifocal lenses or progressive lenses.

While there are no guarantees of the effectiveness of LASIK, most people do have successful outcomes, and are able to enjoy seeing clearer than ever before for many years after. For more information about LASIK, read through our FAQS, learn about our LASIK technology, or schedule a free LASIK consultation with us!

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