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Outside of Our BuildingWelcome to ClearChoice Custom LASIK Center! Our goal is to provide LASIK to our patients, delivering the highest standard of medical care and technology at the most affordable price. By consistently delivering on this promise, we have technology for people who are nearsighted, farsighted, those with astigmatism, and patients who wear bifocals and trifocals.


Ophthalmologists in Cleveland Ohio

Experienced and dedicated ophthalmologists, the latest laser vision technology, a commitment to patient satisfaction, and affordable fees – these are the reasons why ClearChoice Custom LASIK Centers have been the solution for thousands of LASIK patients who now enjoy clear vision.

Find out why our patients call us the best LASIK in Cleveland:

I had an amazing experience getting my Lasik last Friday. The staff was nothing but upbeat and friendly! They had Aladdin’s wraps, cookies, coffee, ice cream and they even gave my Dad a Starbucks gift card to thank him for being my driver after my procedure! Dr Wiley is truly the BEST of the best! The procedure itself was so quick I couldn’t even believe It! I went in to the procedure and came out of It feeling completely comfortable and confident in Dr Wiley. I was 20/20 the following day at my 1 day post op! And I️ Couldn’t be happier with my results! Thank you Dr Wiley and ClearChoice Lasik Center!


ClearChoice Custom LASIK offers the following services:

  • LASIK Eye Surgery
  • Refractive Lens Exchange
  • Alternative Vision Correction Options
  • Corneal Cross Linking

We are dedicated to providing excellent visual results for our patients’ specific needs. Take our online LASIK Self-Test to find out what your ophthalmic needs are.

Take the leap, and take control over your vision! Improve your quality of life by improving your vision, and let best LASIK in Cleveland eye surgery simplify your life with no more contact lens regiments or glasses sliding down your nose.

Call one of our Cleveland LASIK locations today to schedule a LASIK consultation!

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