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Reading Vision/Near Vision

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We offer a wide variety of reading vision or near vision options at Clear Choice Custom LASIK Center. As Cleveland refractive surgery experts we offer much more than LASIK. Although LASIK eye surgery is an excellent procedure with tremendous benefits it might not be for everyone. This is why we offer vision correction alternatives. Please take a look at some of the other options available at our eye care practice.


Kamra Do you struggle with reading glasses? Do you have trouble reading menus at restaurants or seeing things up close? If so you may have developed presbyopia over the years as this naturally happens typically over the age of 40. With time, the eye’s natural lens can become too stiff to focus up close. Presbyopia sets in and reading becomes troublesome. Presbyopia is farsightedness caused by loss of elasticity of the lens of the eye, occurring typically in middle and old age.

The Kamra Inlay is an option that can be used to correct presbyopia and reduce dependence on reading glasses. The KAMRA inlay provides an improved range of focus for both near and intermediate vision without affecting distance vision. The KAMRA inlay is a microscopic disc with a diameter of 3.8mm that is inserted into the eye. The KAMRA Inlay could be a great solution for individuals over 40 seeking to restore their everyday near vision and reduce their dependence on glasses or contact lenses.

Refractive Lens Exchange

Refractive Lens Exchange is commonly referred to as clear lens extraction or presbyopic lens correcting intraocular surgery. RLE is an emerging type of refractive surgery very similar to cataract surgery. Like many other types of refractive surgery, including LASIK eye surgery, Refractive Lens Exchange corrects nearsightedness and farsightedness. The desired refractive result is achieved with the insertion of a lens implant known as an IOL. Refractive Lens Exchange is a great option when vision problems extend beyond the limits of lasers. For example, if a patient is too nearsighted but also has a reading issue one of these new multifocal lenses may be a good option.

Accommodating Lens Implant (Crystalens)

This lens implant can be used for cataract surgery or refractive lens exchange. Crystalens is an artificial lens implant that, unlike a standard IOL, can treat both a person's cataracts and presbyopia—loss of near and intermediate vision. You probably noticed in your forties that you started to lose some of your up-close vision and had to start wearing reading glasses.


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