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At Clear Choice Laser we don’t like to brag, so we let our customers do it for us. See what our patients are saying in our LASIK reviews below. We are proud to be serving the Greater Cleveland community and we thank our satisfied customers for their kind remarks in their Cleveland LASIK Reviews. Come see for yourself by scheduling a one-on-one appointment today for a consultation!

Rich Feldtz: Cavs Game Winner

Thanks again for the Cavaliers tickets. We had a great time. Coincidently, yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of my lasik surgery. It was a perfect way to celebrate. Also, this was our daughter's first time ever to a Cavs game. We went early to get players' and Cavs Girls' autographs. Then we had our faces painted, cheeks (face cheeks) tatooed and hair sprayed. The seats were in section 106, row 22 and a really nice view. Unfortunately, the good guys lost. But LeBron got another triple double with a sweet alley-oop dunk.

Good luck in your new building. I am looking forward to visiting it for my yearly checkups with Dr. Augustine.

Jennie, Rich, Richard and Elizabeth Feldtz

Rich Feldtz




Michelle C.

"I had the LASIK eye procedure and I am in awe of what I can see now."

I would like to thank the staff at ClearChoice for the professional and courteous care that I received on May 18, 2007. I had the LASIK eye procedure and I am in awe of what I can see now.

My surgeon was Dr. Wiley and I am blessed to have met a talented doctor. The technicians also were so very kind. Congratulations on employing such wonderful people.

The people that I met that day while waiting for my procedure were great. They too were nervous and we all helped each other. The atmosphere was very comfortable and relaxing.

I am thankful and blessed for having a successful outcome from the procedure. Keep up the great work!


Bob Marioni : FREE Lasik Winner Cleveland Air Show 2006

"...the procedure was completely pain free and there was no discomfort..."

Bob MarioniI was recently selected as the winner of a free LASIK procedure from a drawing at the Cleveland Air Show this past summer.

The first thing I would like to say is I have never really won anything in my life so I was skeptical at first. That skepticism was replaced by assured confidence after meeting with Jay at your office.

Jay went over the procedure in detail and after some preliminary testing I was validated to be eligible for the custom LASIK procedure I won. We scheduled all appointments necessary and I was ready to go.

The surgery was nothing short of fantastic and Dr. Parschauer was wonderful. I really believed that in some way I would feel some pain or discomfort. That was not the case - the procedure was completely pain free and there was no discomfort at all! The follow up with Dr. Augustine was great and he explained everything to me and I want to thank him for suggesting the Mono-vision procedure. I can now read better than before and my night vision is perfect.

I would like to say that the environment and staff of Clear Choice Custom LASIK Center is the most professional and customer friendly I have ever experienced - both to myself and my fiancé.

After wearing glasses and contacts for more than 40 years I feel I have been truly blessed with something I didn't believe was possible.

Thank you so much Clear Choice Custom LASIK Center!

With much gratitude,

Bob Marioni

Darlene Yuzva

"...Clear Choice made one of my biggest dreams come true!..."

Darlene YuzvaMy name is Darlene and I'm 29 years old. I have been wearing glasses since I was 4 years old. I was also always told my eyes were way too bad for me to ever wear contacts! One thing that I know, that everyone has gone through, is never finding that "just the right pear" of glasses! But the worst part is that not only did my glasses bother me but they got in the way at times that I needed to see, but couldn't wear them! We all have those times!

But now thanks to Clear Choice Custom LASIK Center, I don't have to worry about putting them on and enjoying the sights of life, or them getting in the way! I can see better then I could with my glasses for one and I can see everything at one time! Clear Choice made one of my biggest dreams come true! And for that I can live my life without dealing with glasses! Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for letting me see!

Darlene Yuzva

Rob Crombie : Painter

Rob CrombieI have been a painter for 30 years. The past 5 years I have spent a lot of time and energy developing my skills in oil painting with an emphasis on landscapes. Much of my work is from my travels to France. This is my first painting after my LASIK Surgery at Clear Choice Custom LASIK Center.

For years, everything was a blur to me, near or far. I had reading glasses and a second pair of distance glasses. I switched from one pair to the other all day long as I painted and stood back to see my progress.

Producing this painting was a new experience for me. I was able to see everything very clearly as I painted and also when I stood back to observe it. I can't tell you the ease, clarity and satisfaction I felt working on it.

Rob CrombieThis painting was started 2 days after my surgery. It took many hours to finish but they were hours spent having a lot more fun than before the surgery. I was so annoyed by not being being able to see well. That is all over now.

Before the surgery, I would have tried without success to read this sheet of paper. I would not have known if a friend was in the lobby. I would have not been able to read a sign across the waiting room. Now I can do them all!

Many thanks to everyone at Clear Choice Custom LASIK Center for their kindness and professional, technical skills that have made doing my craft such a pleasure again.




Chris DeLisio

Just wanted to take the time to say thanks for everything regarding my surgery. I was extremely impressed with Clear Choice Laser, and all of your staff and doctors. You guys were all so courteous and helpful.

I was also impressed with the "down home" feel of your office. I can honestly say that it was enjoyable to come to the office each time. Of course, I am also extremely happy with the results of my surgery. It is a life changing surgery that has already been well worth it. I will be sure to recommend Clear Choice Laser to anyone interested in LASIK as it becomes more popular.

I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication. There are so few people who believe in doing things the right way anymore. You guys obviously are not a part of that crowd. Thanks again!


Chris DeLisio

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