Joseph Ling, MD

Dr. Joseph Ling

Dr. Joseph Ling completed his ophthalmology residency with the Ira G. Ross Eye Institute at the University at Buffalo, where he received a wide-encompassing training in surgical and medical management of ophthalmic conditions. During his training, Dr. Ling’s passion for excellent care took him to Kota, India where he provided cataract surgery to the underserved population there.

Dr. Ling believes in treating everyone under his care as family. He is a strong advocate for a patient-centered care, where he tailors to each individual’s unique situation and needs. Combined with his mission to provide patients with the state-of-the-art care, Dr. Ling is dedicated to providing the best possible vision to patients of all ages and background.

Born and raised in Georgia, Dr. Ling looks forward to bringing his hospitality and passion to Ohio. Aside from ophthalmology, Dr. Ling enjoys competitive ballroom dancing, rowing, traveling, and, most of all, spending time with his lovely wife, Julia, and 2-year old son, Jayce.

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