2019 Home Run Derby Contest Rules

  • Must be considered a good candidate for the LASIK procedure by the Clear Choice clinical team.
  • Procedure is transferable. If the presenter of the Home Run Derby ball is not a candidate, or would wish to gift the LASIK procedure, it can be given to another recipient.
  • Home Run Derby ball must be a pink and white bonus round ball.
  • Home Run Derby ball must be verified by a Clear Choice doctor or partner.
  • Home Run Derby ball must be presented at Clear Choice Brecksville location.
  • Presenter does not need an appointment to present Home Run Derby ball.

Standard office hours are:
Mon 12p-7p
Tues 9a-4p
Weds 9a-4p
Thurs 12p-7p
Fri 8a-3p
Sat 8a-1p

The Clear Choice LASIK package has a value of $4999. It includes all laser LASIK, lifetime enhancements, 4 annual eye exams over 4 years.

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